Engine bay detailing is not something many people do. This may be because it seems like a lot of hard work when very few people will see it, or because the task appears to be too challenging.

However, a clean engine bay can add to the value of your car when it comes to selling it and undoubtedly makes servicing easier. We at DetailingBoys, offers one stop detailing services starting from engine bay to interior and exterior of you precious rides. Engine bay cleaning can be included with any of our services but can also be used on its own for many reasons such as show car prep, engine de-greasing to help find the source of an oil leak & general appearance improvement.

Engine Bay Cleaning Features

  • Delicate areas covered up including air intakes etc.
  • Engine bay de-greased & agitated with soft brushes on all parts accessible.
  • Bonnet shuts cleaned by hand to remove dirt and grease.
  • Engine flushed to remove product.
  • Under bonnet cleaned & washed by hand if necessary.
  • Dried with blown, warm air.
  • Plastics dressed & protected against cracking.
Engine Size Detailing Charges
Small – Hatch Back Rs. 2,500
Mid Size Sedan Rs. 3,500
SUV – 4×4 Rs. 4,500

Note: Time Required: 3 – 6 Hours. Walk-In Welcomed.