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New Car Detailing - Pakistan - Lahore

Most people assume that brand new cars are as good as it gets, and therefore no detailing work is required. This actually isn’t the case however, as new cars can benefit from a few crucial detailing products and services in order to start them out on the right foot so to speak.

One should always start with proper surface preservation and protection (waxes – sealants and coating) when the vehicle is brand new. These are professional detailing services that the factory or dealer simply can’t provide. Why not ensure that your vehicle remains as beautiful as the day you bought it, and stays protected from the elements into the future?

We are going to outline some basic steps and services that one can perform, or that a professional and reputable detailer DetailingBoys can perform for you.

By following this basic outline, you’ll be sure that your brand new vehicle is in top shape, and properly protected from the elements.

STEP 1 :

Decontamination Wash

New Car Detailing - Washing ProcessThe first step we need to take is to perform a thorough decontamination wash to make sure that the surfaces of the vehicle are completely stripped from any oils, shipping residue, dirt, or waxes / sealants that may have been applied by either the factory or dealership. This will ensure a good bond when we apply our own sealant, paint coating or glass coating.

One of the best ways to strip the surface is to use a high quality car shampoo that is designed for this task when mixed at proper ratios. At DetailingBoys, we use high pH value shampoo to pre-soak the vehicle and allow the solution to dwell and break down any previously applied waxes or sealants.


Claying Process

New Car Detailing - Claying ProcessOnce the wash process is complete, proceed to clay the car  Individual Clay Bar or Clay Towel. Even on brand new cars, you’d be surprised at how many contaminants you’ll find embedded into the surface. If you don’t remove these right away, you’ll likely notice them in a few short months as very small rust spots that are easily seen on light color cars. They’re still present on the darker cars, but they can be hard to see.

If you’re not planning on polishing the vehicle, then we only recommend using the Ultra Fine Clay as the more aggressive clay could potentially mar the finish. Most of the new car doesn’t require the compunding process and just polishing it will remove light – medium swirls. For polishing, it is highly recommend to use Dual Action Polisher.

After the claying process is complete, re-rinse the surface to remove any residue.


Engine Cleaning & Dressing

New Car Detailing Engine DetailingDespite the fact that we’re dealing with a brand new car, we still have some areas under the hood that can use our attention.

Always wipe down everything using All Purpose Cleaner or Super Degreaser pre-mixed in a spray bottle, and clean up any over spray from grease that had been applied to hinges from the factory. This is a nice touch because over time this will accumulate a lot of dirt and debris and will quickly turn black!

Once everything is clean, it is time to add a layer of protection on all of the plastic components by using branded trim & plastic dressing.


Interior Cleaning

New Car Detailing - InteriorWhile the interiors are typically going to be clean when new, they still require the application of various protectant depending on the type of surface. By using the proper products, we’re protecting the interior from harmful UV rays, spills, dirt, and anything else that comes in contact with it.

For all of the leather surfaces in the car, it is recommend to use Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. Not only does it have conditioners in it, but it also provides UV protection as well.

On the other hard surfaces inside the car, including the gauges, console, navigation screen, and stereo controls, it is recommended to use Quick Interior Detailer.

Another area that is important, yet often overlooked, is the treatment and conditioning of the seals around the car. If not cleaned and treated on a somewhat regular basis, the seals can start to dry and harden, which can lead to leaks and / or unwanted wind noise.


Exterior Protection

New Car Detailing Exterior ProtectionSince the exterior of the vehicle gets bombarded with the harshest elements (UV rays, road grime, bugs, birds, salt, rain), it’s absolutely imperative that we start the sealing process from the beginning. It’s equally as important to make sure that we get into a regular schedule of having it refreshed every 4-6 months.

Before applying any wax or sealant, it is best to make sure that paint surface is clean and free of any swirl marks or minor scratches. For new car, compounding stage can be eliminated and a light pass of branded car polish is recommended. Using dual action polisher, in few passes car paint surface can become free of swirls and light scratches.

Once the polishes stage is done and a careful inspection is carried out to make sure the body is 100% swirl free, LSP – LAST STAGE PRODUCT (wax, sealant or coatings) can be applied.

Most sealants can be applied by hand or by DA. Using dual action polisher it assures that even coverage is achieved. For the tight areas where the machine can’t reach (vents, door jambs, under mirrors), simply apply it by hand.

There are a lot of great sealants to choose from, and some of our favorites at DetailingBoys are Auto Finesse Power Seal – Chemical Guys Jet Seal – Swissvax Shield. Most quality sealants will provide 6 – 12 months worth of protection from the elements.

The wheels take a lot of abuse with brake dust, so in order to protect them and to make the cleaning process easier, we should seal them up and keep after them even more frequently than we do the rest of the car. There are a lot of great product choices for this task that are all relatively easy to use.

Let’s not forget the plastic trim on the exterior of the vehicle. Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing is among the best dressing available in the market and we at DetailingBoys always have stock of it for reselling as well.

All Finished!

This process can take about 6 – 8 hours to do, and it is well worth the effort. We treated and / or protected just about every surface inside and out of the car, and it will all help to keep new car looking its best for much longer.

Now that the brand new car is properly detailed and protected from the elements, let’s go out and enjoy it!